In its debut year 2013, the Summer School CES will provide scientific training in the domain of Advanced Finite Element Analysis.

Although Finite Elements - as a method of solving the underlying mathematical model equations - have become a commonly established and indispensable part of daily engineering practise and research in various disciplines of science, the reliable deployment of this methodology is still a challenge to less experienced facilitators and researchers, especially if advanced physical problems are to be studied, e.g. nonlinear solid and fluid dynamics or coupled and multi-physics problems. This edition of the CES Summer School therefore will make a contribution to the scientific training of young researchers in the above domain while additionally providing a platform for joint discussion of specific scientific approaches for topics from academia and industry.

For the Summer School CES in 2013, scientific training will be performed in 7 consecutive days, July 1-7 2013, with a split into two complementary parts. The first part (Part A) will be dedicated to the Application and Modelling Aspects while the second part (Part B) will highlight Methods and Implementation. The training will include a combination of lectures, tutorials and hands-on experience. Course attendees will be supplied with the complete set of written material including books, copies of all the presentation slides, all computer source code, and the full set of exercises and solutions.

Part A

Nonlinear Computational Solid Mechanics

given by

Prof. Dr. Adnan Ibrahimbegovic,
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering,
Ecole Normale Supérieure Cachan, Paris, France

Part B

The Extended Finite Element Method XFEM

given by

Prof. Dr. Thomas-Peter Fries,
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Graz, Austria;
Prof. Dr. Andreas Zilian,
Research Unit in Engineering Sciences, University of Luxembourg