Computational modelling and simulation is becoming more and more valuable for the engineering and natural science and has established itself as an important technology used in scientific research and development in academia and industry alike. The amazing evolution in computing has substantially changed the way engineers, mathematicians, scientists and computer scientists work. In many industrial and research-oriented workflows, numerical simulations have complemented or even have replaced experiments. This situation has led to a quality of scientific and practical achievements that was previously unheard of.
The Luxembourg Summer School in Computational Engineering Sciences (CES) aims at strengthening and intensifying the discipline Computational Engineering Sciences in Luxembourg and its Greater Region (France, Belgium, Germany). The framework of this Summer School is that it will serve as an ongoing annual instrument to bring together young investigators and early-stage researchers from academia and industry with highly acknowledged international experts in engineering, mathematical and computational modelling and methodology. 
Every year the CES Summer School will focus on one specific topic within the interdisciplinary domain of Computational Sciences and Computational Engineering by addressing two fundamental aspects simultaneously.
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